Replacing a Broken Garage Door Cable

residential garage door repair

Have you ever had a broken garage door cable and wondered how to replace it? You will find that it is not as complicated as you might have expected.

Before you start your residential garage door repair or replacement, you need to know how it operates.

Your garage door operates when the bottom brackets, lifting cable, and pulley are operating correctly.

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Sometimes one of the essential parts becomes damaged or frayed and will require replacing.
The first step is to unplug the door from the power source; you may also need to shut off the power breaker. Now you need to manually open the garage door. You will need assistance because these doors are very heavy. An average door weighs around 90 pounds.

Ensure to mark each part you remove so that you know where to put the new parts. Once you have the new pulley cord re-threaded, you need to do a manual test to ensure everything is aligned. Now, plug your garage door opener back into the power outlet, and you are ready to go. See, not that difficult at all!.

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