How to Modernize the Exterior of Your Home

You have probably heard the saying, do not judge a book by its cover. And while that is true, the expression does not apply to your house. Your exteriors need to look good, especially if you plan to sell your home in the near future. The way your home looks outside plays a significant role in dictating its value. To give your exterior an upgrade, there are a few adjustments you can make for a transformed home. If you are looking for ways to how to modernize the exterior of your home, here are a few tips to guide you.

Get a Simple Roof

Most traditional homes feature a classic roof design that is gable or pitched. Modern roofs are simple and flat. However, note that due to your floor plan, it may be challenging to replace a pitched roof with something flat. However, with a good home builder, it is possible. If you have a gable or pitched roof, you have two options. An easy choice that is not that effective in modernizing your exterior is to keep the roof but find other ways to update the exterior of your home. The second option which is effective is to redesign the roof and have something modern. This is a more involved process requiring you to adjust your floor plan depending on your home’s design. If you want to keep your pitched roof, then simplify the roof details. This includes roof edges, eaves, roof color, and materials, plus the gutters you currently have. Modern roofs do not have a lot of details, so simplifying as much as possible will reduce the traditional feel.

Change Exterior Finishes

Another way of how to modernize the exterior of your home is by changing the finishes to something modern. This includes paint, cladding, and render. Of the three, painting is the easiest way to modify your exterior yet still effective. For instance, some common paint colors that people embrace dark home exteriors. They are rich, dramatic, eye-catching, and expressive. Colors like charcoal gray and black or neutral shades like gray are great ideas. Rendering involves covering the exterior with cement, lime, and acrylic. This not only makes your home appealing, but it protects the construction materials from cracking and erosion. If you are looking for a dramatic change, then cladding is the best alternative. Some common cladding materials include timber, fiber cement, natural stone, PVCu, brick, artificial stone, and masonry paint.

Go Extra With Your Windows

Your windows play a big role in what your exteriors look like. Changing them can help alter the overall look from something traditional to modern. This is another tip on how to modernize the exterior of your home. The main thing to remember when adding windows is to ensure they match your home’s original architecture. In other words, you want the windows to look like they have been part of the house from the start. Most traditional homes come with small windows. However, altering the shape and size to something simple but bigger is a sure way to modernize your exterior. Large windows are not only great for curb appeal, but they also help bring in natural light and make a room feel more spacious. If you are concerned with privacy, you can add window drapes that match your home decor for a great look.

Another way of modernizing your exteriors through windows is by removing old, outdated windows with something modern. Go with aluminum windows which are both cost-effective and bring out a contemporary feel. They are also durable, high quality, and their finish eliminates the need to paint.

Choose a Modern Garage Door Design

Most people forget that their garages play a significant role in the general outlook of their home. They focus on paint, roofs, plants, with the garage taking the back seat. However, when looking at how to modernize the exterior of your home, consider your garage as well. Look at it as more than just a place housing your car and other stuff. Some modern garage door ideas include:

  • Glass garage doors: Try a glass garage door with an aluminum frame for a contemporary look. This design allows natural light to flow into the garage while giving your home a sleek look. This is an excellent option for anyone using their garage as a workshop, or if they just want to show off their fantastic car. In addition, you have the choice of tinted or frosted glass if you want your privacy. You can then paint the aluminum the color you want to complement the home’s exterior.
  • Steel garage doors: While steel garage doors have been there for a while, modern garage steel doors come with various color and texture options, making them look like natural wood. Steel is durable and complements different home styles from a farmhouse, contemporary, and cape cod.
  • Wood garage doors: While wood garage doors have been in style for a while, a modern wood garage door gives a luxurious aesthetic appeal to a home. There are many types of wood to choose from, each with a distinct graining pattern. In addition, wood is a natural insulator, and so it helps regulate your garage’s temperature. However, if you are looking for that wood look but do not want a wooden garage door, consider a composite or steel garage door stained with a wood finish.
  • Carriage house or farmhouse garage doors: If your home style is rustic contemporary, get a modern farmhouse garage door. A carriage house garage door is similar to an overhead garage door but looks like a barn or stable door. You can add some decorative hardware like grooved panels to bring out a trendy look.

Consider colors like gray, black, teal, greige, and brown when choosing your garage door. Go with a color that complements your home the most.

Get a Good Fence

A fence is not just for marking boundaries and securing spaces. It is all used to define a property and enhance curb appeal. Therefore, when looking for ways of how to modernize the exterior of your home, include your fence as well. Before contacting a fence company, check your property lines and ensure you do not accidentally encroach on someone else’s property. A good fence will match your home’s style while still meeting your fencing ideas. Here are some ideas on how you can use a fence to modernize your exterior.

  • Opt for horizontal: While most fences feature vertical lines, a common trend is using horizontal slats. You still get to enjoy the traditional wood fence but with a twist. You have the option of positioning the slats close together for privacy or leaving them wide enough for visibility and airflow. Wooden slats not only reflect a modern appearance, but you can also stain them to match other wooden structures on your property.
  • Combine materials: While wood has been the common material for building fences, nowadays, homeowners are spoilt for choice. Thanks to technology, materials like composite, vinyl, and aluminum are now being used. For a modern look, instead of only using one material, combine composite with wood, aluminum or concrete, or vinyl with aluminum.
  • Invest in luxury: Building your fence with hardwoods like Brazilian Ipe and Mangaris is another way to make your fence stand out. While these materials require heavy investment, they are appealing and long-lasting.

Redefine Your Outdoor Spaces

When looking for ways of how to modernize the exterior of your home, you will need more than a couple of rocking chairs on the porch. Those alone are not enough for a great outdoor environment. Create an ample outdoor space that can accommodate different activities. Seating is still necessary, and so you should include some outdoor sofas, rocking chairs and swings. You can then add a pergola or a unique shade for protection against the sun. There are many modern pergolas on the market, and you are sure to find something that matches your home’s style. Porches and pergolas projects are complex, and so you may want to hire a licensed contractor for the job. However, if you are looking for an affordable DIY option, try getting ready to mount awning and structural shades. You will still manage to add some style to your exterior. Other features to include in your outdoor spaces include kitchens, dining spaces, grills, and sinks. This means that you will also have to do some plumbing work outside. It is best to get a plumber for this sort of job. They have the right plumbing tools and expertise and will give you what you want. Incorporating these features can help modernize your exteriors, and they allow outdoor spaces to accommodate extended time outdoors.

Spruce Up Your Landscaping

Apart from the building work, your garden and yard could also help in modernizing your home. Contemporary landscaping does not just focus on flora and fauna. Components like wood, stone, streamlined walkways, and even metal play a big role in a modern outdoor project. When choosing materials and ornaments, modern landscaping focuses on the industrial over earthenware. Things like angular tiles and raw concrete are ideal. While the lawn is not the central part of contemporary landscaping, it is designed to frame path routes and gravel-filled beds. For it to do that effectively, get a mower and keep the grass short and neat whenever necessary. Also, when choosing plants and flowers, consider Asian varieties like boxwoods and bamboos, as well as laurels and ferns. They offer simplicity and elegance and are easy to maintain. When choosing greenery for your home, trees are always a great idea. However, note that trees tend to dominate the space they are in. If you have a small yard, get small trees that you can use to line up your boundaries. Do not forget to choose a focal point in the garden. This is something that catches one’s attention. Some options to consider include a swimming pool, fire pit, fountain, or pond. Swimming pools are impressive, and when balanced with a great landscaping design, they can help your home stand out. A fire pit is also a simple yet effective way when looking for ways of how to modernize the exterior of your home.

Add or Replace Exterior Doors

The doors leading to your house get used frequently, meaning and exposed to harsh weather constantly. This constant use can make them appear worn out and outdated. As you look for tips on how to modernize the exterior of your home, replacing your exterior doors can help. Modern doors feature clean lines rather than the usual scrollwork and stained glass in a traditional door when it comes to design. Instead, you will find simple straight lines and either transparent or translucent glass. The simplicity does not reflect a boring mood. Depending on your taste, you can get a door with abstract designs or geometric patterns. Colors also play a significant role, with most doors coming in black, white, or gray. However, brown is also common.

For bolder people, you will find some contemporary doors in lush green, red, deep navy, electric yellow, and other conspicuous colors. When it comes to materials, there is not much difference between the materials used in traditional doors. You can still get something great in wood, fiberglass, or metal. For wood, you may want to go with lighter hues or something with less conspicuous wood grain. These include poplar, bamboo, maple, etc. For metals and fiberglass, you can paint the color matching your exteriors. Something else that has been popular with modern doors is hardware. Some finishes you will find include satin nickel, chrome, brass, brushed nickel, and gold. Depending on the door’s details, these pieces can either be bulky or minimalist. Long linear bars serving as door pulls are a popular option instead of the usual door handles. Whatever material or color you choose, remember that modern exterior doors feature a clean, sleek and minimalist look.

When looking for ways on how to modernize the exterior of your home, keep it simple in terms of layout, detailing, and materials used. The tips mentioned above can help ensure that you get the modern exterior you are looking for. Also, it is best to work with design experts to ensure that you get the kind of home you want.

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