How Insurance Companies Make Money

We all have some type of insurance policy in most cases we all have more than one kind of insurance policy. There is insurance for autos, homes, health, life, and a wide range of other needs. Have you ever wondered where the idea that people should pay someone for insurance came from? How do insurance companies make money?

This video gives you a brief history of where insurance got its start and a breakdown of how it is that an insurance company is able to make money by selling insurance. This interesting video provides you with a lot of information that will clear up a lot of questions you likely have about insurance companies and how they make money.

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This animated video makes it easy to understand how insurance companies work and how they can be profitable. Understanding how the insurance industry works, how it got started, and how insurance companies make a profit is something that everyone should understand.

Watch this video now to learn everything you need to know about how insurance companies are making money.


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