How to Remove Wildlife from Your Attic

While the sight of a racoon can be entertaining for some, having them in your attic is proven time and time again that they can be an annoying thing to deal with. You may want to see them roaming around your backyard, but having them in your attic is quite problematic, to say the least. IF you want them out of your attic, here are some of the things you need to do.

1. If the mother racoon brought her babies with her, be sure that once you deal with the mother, get the babies to the mother, or they will starve to death as well as stink up your attic.

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2. Identify all the entry points in which a racoon may enter your attic. Once you’ve seen it all, better a stainless mesh at entry points to avoid them coming in.

3. Observe and hear their sounds. Racoons tend to sound like men with boots on, or you hear the babies’ cries if they brought it with them.

4. One of wildlife removers recommendations is trying to intimidate the mother racoon or use a racoon eviction fluid.

5. Remove baby racoons by hand as they are still feeble and tiny and have them transported in a comfortable object like a bucket or box.

6. Wildlife removers set a trap for the mother and have the babies placed in the cage and set free.


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