How To Use Rael Fire Protection for an Inspection

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The Rael Redi platform offers you a user-friendly and efficient way to handle your fire equipment inspections. This video breaks down the steps to completing your Rael fire protection inspection.

First, open the FieldTech Connect app. Select your work order and clock in. You then go to the maintenance button that will take you to the EquipID app. Make sure you’re signed in or you will need to go through again.

Get to the fire safety device that you’ll be inspecting, and click the circular button in the bottom right corner of the EquipID app. You will be prompted to tap on the tag of the device. Once you tap it, you can access the information on the device through the app.

To perform a new inspection, tap on new activity and select the inspection you want to perform. Check if the action is sufficient, deficient, or non-applicable. Finally, you give the device a pass or fail and complete the inspection.

Go to the services tab and log your work so that you can get paid. You can’t clock out until you post something in the service notes, but even something as simple as ‘complete’ will do.

For more information on using the Rael Redi platform, click on the video or link above.

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