3 Tips for Using a Fertilizer Spreader

Have you ever attempted to use a fertilizer spreader, only to find that your lawn looks worse than before you fertilized it? Professional lawn care services use fertilizer spreaders with care and practiced techniques. The video below can teach you how to use one effectively so you get the lush, beautiful, green lawn you’re envisioning.

First, you need to make sure your fertilizer spreader is in great condition.

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If the tires can’t hold air, you won’t be able to move in smooth, even lines when applying fertilizer to your lawn. Look at the mechanical parts and make sure they are functioning smoothly as well, including the hopper door.

To give yourself an easier time loading the spreader, park the spreader against the back of your truck’s tailgate. This way, you don’t have to lift the bag of fertilizer; you can just drag it to the edge of the tailgate and dump it in the fertilizer spreader.

If you have struggled to spread fertilizer evenly across your lawn in the past, try changing your application technique. Try going over your lawn in a checkerboard pattern by creating horizontal rows and then going back over them with vertical rows. This will help you avoid creating stripes on your lawn.

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