3 Tools that are Vital to Becoming a Locksmith

The locksmith industry is one that will not be decreasing in vitality any time soon. Commercial locksmiths have their work cut out for them every single day, with customers needing new keys, replaced locks, and much more. If you invest in becoming a locksmith, chances are that you will never have trouble finding work in well-populated areas.

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To get into this incredibly specific industry, education, training, and several tools are required. This video outlines several important tools to get you started as a commercial locksmith.

An HPC is an incredibly useful tool for cutting car keys. More often than not, you want to cut a new key to be the factory original, instead of a duplicate. This tool ensures that each key is cut exactly to the specifications provided by the original factory. Though it is not essential, it saves a lot of time and ensures a key that is flawless. Commercial locksmiths also use many basic hand tools like screwdrivers and pliers. A vice is a fundamental part of the locksmith’s toolbox, helping to act as a third hand during tricky projects.


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