Gutter Installation Tips

Gutter installation can be a complicated process. You have to determine which gutters to buy, how much to buy, and how to install them. There are also many common mistakes that can be made along the way. This is why it is ideal to hire a professional. However, you may also to give it a shot on your own.

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If so, this video will help you steer clear of several common mistakes.

The first gutter installation tip is to extend your gutter beyond the edge of the roof. This is also known as an extruded gutter by the professionals. Most people make the mistake of aligning the gutter with the edge of the roof. The issue with this is that it will not collect all the runoff. The edges will leak.

The next tip is about the downspout. The downspout is split into several pieces. When assembling the downspout, make sure to have the lower piece cover the top piece. This ensures that no water escapes. Otherwise, the downspout will leak a lot. Lastly, make sure to use a bunch of sealer to keep the rest of your gutter leak free.


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