How Does a Water Well Service Fix a Dead Well?

If your home has a well and you are not getting any water in your faucets, you might have a dead well. Fixing a dead well is complicated, so you should always hire a water well service. Keep reading to learn how a water well service fixes a dead well.

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The first thing a water well service will check is that there is power and the switch is in the on position. They’ll also make sure the breaker isn’t tripped, if the breaker is tripped, it could be a sign of a bad pump.

Next, the water well service will check the pressure switch. This is the number one cause of a dead well. To check the pressure switch, the well service will remove the plastic cap which has a lot of electricity. With the power on, they tap on the tube looking for any sparks. If there are sparks, it means the pressure switch is pitted and will need to be replaced.

A dead well typically shows indications of issues prior to it stopping working. A water well service can help you catch problems early. To learn more, watch the video above!


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