How to Care for an Antique Rug

If you have an antique rug, it takes special care to keep it looking its best long term. You can always take your antique rug to a professional rug cleaner to have it taken care of. But, if you want to take care of it at home, there are some household cleaners that you can use on it to keep it looking great.

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As the first step, always vacuum both sides of the rug to remove debris from it. Take a half teaspoon of dishwashing liquid with a half cup of water to create your own cleaning solution. This can be used to gently cleanse your rug without leaving residue behind. If you have a large rug, you may need to double or triple this recipe to make enough solution for the whole rug.

Use a brush or a sponge to hold some of the cleaning solution and then scrub it lightly into your rug. Make sure that you scrub each portion of the rug. Once you’re finished, you can take the rug and rinse it out with clean water. Be sure to rinse all of the soap out of it, and wring it out so that the water won’t stay on the rug. Lay it flat to dry.

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