How to Safely Cut a Wall

Are you interested in doing a DIY project at home or are you wanting to offer a cutting wall sawing service to your local neighbors? This video goes through the step by step process of how you can safely cut a wall. Mark Clement is an expert on all things home improvement and he will show you how to safely cut a wall with just a few tools and equipment.

A great tool to use when cutting a wall in your home is a reciprocating saw. It is a versatile tool and can be used during a bunch of different projects, but is mostly used for demolition.

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The blade within this saw goes forward and back, so it’s important that you have two hands on this tool at all times when using it. You should also wear protective glasses to make sure nothing that flies towards your face gets into your eyes and harms you.

This expert shows us how he and his team cut walls when they are on a demolition site. Watch this entire video to see this demonstration and see why it is so important to use this saw the same way he does when cutting a wall.


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