Inside the Process of Water Well Companies and Drilling

The drilling process performed by water well companies is not a simple task of just boring holes in the ground. If you’re familiar with a dentist’s tooth drilling process, which consists of different steps to complete, that’s not even half of the steps and principles involved when it comes to drilling water wells.

With over 15 million homes in the United States having their own water well, it’s only natural that firms responsible for its creation are already adept with the methods involved. As such, they use different drilling methods aside from the most common drilling technique known as cable tool drilling.

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Although already outdated by rotary drilling, the old-school cable tool drilling has been responsible for millions of water well installations around the world.

A water well drill must penetrate through sand, gravel, and clay, as well as solid rock formations, and this requires a considerable amount of skill. Without applying the right drilling pressures at the right moment, the drill bit can get damaged. Once the drill bit hits the water table, the operators apply another set of tedious techniques to efficiently bring the water up from underground.

Are you ready to discover how it’s all done? Watch this detailed video by Off Grid Build (OGB), where you’ll learn and understand the intricacies and principles involved in how water well companies would drill a well.


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