Short Circuits Are Deadly

Electricity is the lifeline of our homes. As blood fills our veins with life, so does energy fill a home with light and power. Think of how many everyday appliances would not work without it. Further, you would be in the dark as well. This is why electrical failures are serious.

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You could attempt to fix the issue on your own. however, electricity can be complicated and potentially dangerous. It is generally a better idea to call a commercial electrical professional instead. In this video, you will see just how dangerous electricity can be.

In this video, you see various short circuits. This occurs when the power proceeds along an unintended path with unintended consequences. As you can see, this often results in dangerous electrical sparks. If not handles quickly, these sparks could cause a fire. This is why the first thing you should do is turn off the power. The next is to call an electrician. Some of the electrical failures in this video were pulsing and even exploding. In one clip, you can see a tree getting set ablaze from an electrical malfunction. In another, a house is sparking with loud crackles of electricity.


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