Simple Pool Repairs

Pools are great additions to any home. There are a lot of different things that a pool owner has to do to prevent issues. If you ever need any kind of pool repairs, you should contact a pool company. One of the most common pool repairs is a crack in the concrete, and in this article, we are going to see how it is fixed.

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A crack in the concrete of a pool can lead to serious damage. The first step to sealing a crack is to find places where you can install Kevlar staples. These staples should start at least four inches beneath the tiles and there should be 20 inches in-between the two.

When you have found a good spot to put the staples you are going to put a mark on the wall. Use the mark as an outline to drill holes on each side. These holes will make it easier to chip the concrete out of the middle.

After the outline is chipped you want to clean it before you put the stable in. The staples are put in the holes using epoxy. With the staples in place, you are ready to seal the hole back up, along with the rest of the cracks.


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