Spring Cleaning Made Easy!

Spring has finally sprung, and it’s time to get your home in order. Whether it’s finally getting to that dreaded gutter cleaning, or simply dusting and reorganizing your bookshelf, your sure to bring new life to your home this month by cleaning. If you did all your cleaning during the quarantine, then take small steps here and there to snazz up your home.

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Small home decor accents and new finishes on your furniture can transform your space, so don’t stop at just the surface cleaning! In this video, we will cover the five essential steps to having a successful spring cleaning this year.

First of all, declutter. Donate all the clothes that you haven’t worn in the past year. Throw out old makeup and mail that you don’t need. Next, organize. Establish certain spots for your essentials, and put everything in its proper place. Once that is done, you can begin cleaning. Use windex and all-purpose cleaner to clean all of your shelves and flat surfaces. Next DIY or buy new organization containers for your stuff. If you put organization methods in place now, next year’s spring cleaning will be much easier!


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