Tree Care Tips for a Newly Planted Tree

Trees are a beautiful part of our yards. Just like any plants in nature trees require a lot of care. When you plant a new tree you need to have a good understanding of the tree care process in order for it to survive. In this article, we are going to look at some tips when it comes to tree care for newly planted trees.

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The first tip has to do with watering. When you plant a tree you want to make sure that you give it ten to twenty gallons of water each week. This is important because it is the early stages of the tree’s life. To grow as strong as it needs to be, it will require a lot of water.

Mulch and compost are two things that you have to be careful with when you plant a tree. They are both important materials to have around the tree, but make sure that there is no mulch directly on the roots of the tree. If you do use mulch make sure to change it out every year.

The last tip we are going to talk about is tree pruning. Pruning is important in the early years of a tree’s life, to make sure that it keeps a good structure. By pruning a tree early you are keeping it strong.


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