What is Well Drilling?

Well drilling is done every day, but some of us may not be familiar with it. If you are curious about what well drilling is and how it is done, keep reading to learn more!

Let’s start with explaining what’s in the ground that we are going to deal with. All the way deep down at the bottom is the bedrock, that is what we want to eventually get to.

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But to do that, we have to get through the overburden. The overburden lays on top of the bedrock and could be clay, sand, gravel, or even boulders. Some areas may have no overburden, while other areas can have hundreds of feet of overburden.

The well drillers will continue well drilling through the overburden until they reach the bedrock. Bedrock can be different materials like shale. Now that they’ve reached the bedrock, they’ll drill through that too until they hit the water.

Most well drillers find their job exciting. Deep down under the ground is unknown territory kind of like the bottom of the ocean. There could be all types of foreign organisms.

To learn more about well drilling, watch the video above!


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