Everything You Need to Know About Heavy Duty Thread Protectors

If you work in the oil and gas or manufacturing industries, you are probably familiar with heavy duty thread protectors. But did you know they can be reused or used in other applications and industries? Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about heavy duty thread protectors.

Let’s start with what heavy duty thread protectors are. Heavy duty thread protectors are used to protect the thread of the pipe during pipe transportation and pipe storage.

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These thread protectors are manufactured from plastic or steel and can be applied to the pipe manually or automatically.

Thread protectors are used in the oil and gas industry to protect pipes during transportation to the oil and gas fields. Metal thread protectors can be cleaned and reused while plastic thread protectors are recycled.

Where else are thread protectors used? They are widely used on firearms to protect threaded barrels. Some firearms are manufactured with thread protectors in the factory, but most are part of the aftermarket process of fitting a silencer or muzzle break. Either way, they protect the premium threads from mechanical damage.

To learn more about heavy duty thread protectors, watch the video above!


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