How to Clean Industrial Coolant Tanks

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Cooling solutions are necessary for large CNC machine tools. However, they also need to be cleaned from time to time to maintain quality performance. This video will walk you through how to clean your HAAS machine tool coolant tank.

Over time, oil from the different tools a machine is working on can get stuck in the coolant tank. It makes it harder for the tank to cool itself properly, which can lead to further issues like overheating and breakdowns. Pull the coolant tank out every so often to see the oil levels in the tank.

To clean off the oil, you need oil-absorbent wipes. Place the wipes on the top of the liquid and it ring out the excess cooling liquid that comes with the oil. The oil will stick to the wipes. Since oil is very flammable, dispose of the wipes in a safe flammable-materials container.

Use a perforated scoop to check for metal chips that have piled up in the coolant tank. This is a normal byproduct of the machine tools work, but it is bad to let the chips pile up. It displaces the coolant so you don’t know if you have enough in the machine. Get rid of the chips and refill the tank with coolant.

For more information, check out the video above.

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