How to Pick The Right Pet Food

Your dog gives you so much joy. It is important that you take care of them too. Every dog is unique and will need a unique blend of food. Sometimes it can be hard to know which food is right for your pup. In this video, you will learn how to pick the right food for your dog.

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Maybe it is traditional kibble or maybe it is something fancier like natural grain free dog food.

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing dog food. For example, is your dog young or old? You will want to feed a puppy different food than a dog that is a year old. A senior dog that is seven years old will also need different food. Thankfully, there are dog food bags that are labeled for each of these groups. However, there is still yet more to consider.

Another thing to consider is the activity level of your dog. More active dogs will need more food and food that has more fat compared to dogs that are more sedentary. If your dog is overweight, there is also diet food just for them. One final factor to consider is the size of your dog. Larger dogs will need different food than smaller dogs.


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