Preparing and Decorating Backyard for Wedding Celebrations

Decorating your backyard for a wedding is a great idea to turn your backyard into a great location for a memorable and dreamy celebration. You can decorate and transform your backyard to become the special backdrop of a couple sharing their vows and wedding banquet.

Decorating a backyard for a wedding can also be done on a budget. You can achieve a picturesque wedding location while saving yourself some money that would otherwise have gone towards footing the cost of a venue. A backyard wedding also allows you to have an intimate setting with only close family and friends.

Your creativity will also come alive when decorating a backyard for a wedding, and this will allow you to dream it and then create it, all in your backyard. This article offers key pointers on what to plan for as you prepare to decorate your backyard for a wedding.

Ask a Professional for Advice

When decorating a backyard for a wedding, you have the option to do it yourself or to engage the services of a wedding planner. A wedding planner brings on board planning expertise for such an event and can advise you on various aspects such as color schemes, what suits your backyard, and where you can get the supplies that you need. They may even guide you on where you can get these supplies at a cheaper rate.

Freshen Up Your Lawn

Your yard may need to be spruced up, especially if you will be hosting guests for a wedding. You can contact your local lawn company to help with this. They will be able to provide advice on what can be done within your budget when decorating your backyard for a wedding.

You are also able to work together to come up with innovative ways to beautify your backyard for a wedding occasion. Your lawn adviser will be able to tell whether you need to groom your grass if it has patches, or if any additional plants can be used to make it look livelier. They will also be a good resource on whether your backyard needs leveling, so as to provide a comfortable landing for your tents and chairs.

Decorate Your Walkway

You can create a walkway in your backyard if you do not already have one and then enhance or customize it to look as you desire for a wedding. Flowers are a great choice of ornament for your walkway when decorating the backyard for a wedding. Lighting and candles are other accessories that you can use to mark out your walkway for guests or wedding processions.

Consider Removing Trees

When decorating your backyard for a wedding, you should also consider tree cutting for overhanging branches or trees that need to be removed. These make way for better visibility in the backyard and create space for tents and lighting to be hung on the day of the wedding. Once you are ready to cut the tree, ensure that you do this in a safe manner so as to avoid accidents for you or your neighbors.

Natural Ways to Decorate Your Backyard

You can make nature work for you in your backyard wedding location. Tree trunks can be used to create centerpieces or seating areas to complement your existing chairs. Haystacks can also be collected and re-purposed as seating areas. Fallen leaves can also be left untouched on the ground as an adornment to form an earthy motif in your backyard. Other natural pieces include rocks, flowers, and shrubs.

DIY Entrance Arches

Entrance arches create a beautiful and whimsical feature in your backyard, especially for a wedding. The best part is that it can be made from a combination of flowers and plants of different colors, all available for free in your backyard.

This ornamental piece can be maintained after the wedding, and it can serve as a decoration in your garden.

Keep Your Yard Clean

Decorating your backyard for a wedding will require you to plan for a waste disposal service to use on the day. Guests need to be able to dispose of trash in a manner that keeps the yard clean.

To accommodate the waste management needs of a large number of people who will be at your backyard wedding, you can consider dumpster rentals. These can be positioned in areas that will have many people, like eating areas, so that they can get rid of trash easily. The rentals can also be collected after the event, which takes that off your hands.

Plan for Rain

Your backyard wedding needs to be planned in a way that considers surprise weather conditions such as rain. Tents are a good option to protect your guests, if the weather that you are experiencing is a rainy one or if the heavens open up and release some showers.

Tents also add a pop of color to your day, and you can pair them with your seats and tables to create wonderful themes that will delight you and your guests. These tents can be sourced from a tent rental, who will pitch them before the event and remove them when the celebration is over.

Seating for Your Party

Guests at your wedding will require seating. This needs to be taken into consideration when planning out the decoration for a backyard wedding. You will need to decide whether to rent the seats from local suppliers or to make do with other seating alternatives. Whatever seating selection you make, consider having it in your theme color as this contributes to the beauty of the event.

Prepare Tasteful Lighting

Outdoor lighting is another way to decorate your backyard in preparation for a wedding. When selecting an outdoor lighting fixture for this purpose, consider those that are weather and element-resistant. These fixtures should be able to withstand all outdoor weather conditions such as sunlight, rain, and snow, among other conditions. They should be able to continue performing optimally, even if you get surprise showers on your day!

Decorating your backyard for a wedding with outdoor lighting also provides an outlet for creating beautiful themes. This is because there are many options for lighting that can be paired up with your tents and seats to design a fairytale theme for your function. Tasteful outdoor lighting such as string and curtain lights are great decoration alternatives that can be hung on the bushes, trees, and tents on your property, and that can also be used to decorate your backyard wedding.

Add Some Elegant Plants

Plants are a great idea to explore when decorating the backyard for a wedding. You have many possibilities to work with. There are many choices to select from among flowers, plants, shrubs, and bushes. These can be stylish, colorful, bright, and exotic, and they can all be used to blend in well with your festivities.

You can also enlist the services of a landscaper to help you with the selection and organization of your plants. They can help you plan your backyard landscape using economical yet appealing ways.

Choose a Tasty Menu

If you’re planning to host a wedding reception in your backyard, you will need to think about what your guests will eat. Planning a tasty menu is part of what you have to consider when decorating your backyard for a wedding, and a catering service can also help you deliver this.

You can opt for a specific and elaborate cuisine if you have some money to spend. However, if you are on a budget, you can provide a menu with finger foods and cocktails. Your options should also factor in various preferences, such as vegetarian and non-dairy options. The addition of desserts to your menu would also work well for your wedding party.


Your backyard wedding will certainly come alive with music and have your guests up on their feet, enjoying themselves and dancing to the beat. From hiring bands with different genres of music to incorporating a music system to provide this entertainment, you have a wide range of options to choose from to create the musical atmosphere that would suit your backyard wedding.

The availability of music also relaxes the guests and brings up opportunities for karaoke or other games along that line to enliven your ceremony.


A backyard wedding will need to have restrooms for your guests. This is especially important if you would not like to have people in your house. You can look into renting restrooms from local providers in your area.

Local providers of this service will be able to manage these resources on your behalf before, during, and after the party. You can therefore consider renting restrooms for your event.

Let’s dive a little deeper into the idea of a luxury restroom trailer rental. When you rent one of these for your wedding, a plethora of things occur. One, you present a beautiful luxury option for your guests that they will never forget. Two, you also save a lot of money and make the most out of your decision to have an outdoor wedding. It can be very difficult to accommodate for the bathroom needs of your guests, especially when you have a wedding that is outside. But when you utilize the services of luxury restroom trailer rental, you’re really getting the most bang for your buck!

Your guests will be inspired when they see how clean and neat the bathrooms are for them. These aren’t your average porta-potties! These restrooms are designed to be fancy and look beautiful for all of your guests. It will make every single bathroom they use from now on completely pale in comparison. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with a professional to book these services for your wedding. They fill up fast so you surely don’t want to wait! Now, let’s take a look at backyard pool decoration and more!

Backyard Pool Decoration

If you have a pool in your backyard, you have a multi-functional masterpiece to complement your wedding decoration. You can set up a backyard pool with lights, balloons, and floating decorations. A backyard pool can become a photo booth, a centerpiece, or a wedding lunch area for your guests.

Photo Booths

Your wedding guests will appreciate a photo booth where they can capture their memories. Your backyard is able to bring this to life by using simple decorations in more than one place, where groups can enjoy taking their photos.

Photo booths need not be fancy or expensive. They can be created using what you have available, including flowers, painting cardboard with interesting designs, or even bringing flowers together to create a flower sanctuary that doubles up as a photo booth.

Wedding Barbecue

A backyard wedding allows you to be very creative in your plans. Being on your own property allows you to be aware of what is permitted or prohibited as regards parties and barbecues. This, therefore, gives you an opportunity to entertain your guests with a barbecue.

Your barbecue can form a superb accompaniment to your main menu for your meat-loving and vegan guests. You are able to barbecue both meat and vegetables, and this also lets your guests mingle and enjoy conversation after the wedding.

Warming Up Your Venue

Weddings are such fun experiences. They’re the celebration of love and the beginning of a new union. Because weddings are so wonderful, guests may stay at the event later than expected. Therefore, as you plan for the decoration of your backyard wedding, consider how to keep the guests warm in the evening.

As a planner for your wedding, you could look into heating such as patio heaters to keep your guests warm when night falls. You can also arrange your furniture so that guests sit around in a close and intimate manner. A bonfire would also be a great idea to warm guests at your backyard wedding and help them bond with each other.

Let Your Pets Be Part of Your Day

Your pets do not have to be left out of such a beautiful day, and they can actually be part of the wedding party. If you use simple decorations such as garlands to adorn your pet (if they cooperate, of course), you’ll have yourself a charming addition to help you celebrate your day.

A backyard wedding offers many advantages, whether you are considering this because you are on a budget or just desire to share an intimate ceremony with your closest family and friends. Decorating your backyard brings it to life, and there are many creative ways to execute this even on a lean budget.

You are even able to make use of flora and fauna to create a memorable occasion that will be captured in the minds of your guests for days to come. There is nothing that cannot be re-purposed to make your day special, and even your little quirks can create a charming experience for all present

This article gives you a headstart on the ideas that you can implement to create your own backyard wedding with your own preferred taste and style. Take the step of preparing and decorating your backyard for your dream wedding!

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