How to Use Horse Bedding Pellets

Horse bedding pallets are a widespread solution for horse beds in stalls and horse habitats. One of their main purposes is to prevent odors in barns and absorb surrounding moisture. If you are seeking instructions on how to lay wood pellets to create a bed for a horse, you have come to the right place.

It’s important to know that the horse pellets are first laid dry in the ideal bedding area to later soak up water that turns pellets into sawdust fluff used for the bed. You will need to have approximately 6 to 10 15kg bags of wood pellets, and 4.

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5 to 6 liters of water for each bag.

There are two methods of fluffing pellets. For one, you can add horse pellets into a bucket of water and let them fluff inside the bucket. Conversely, you can make incisions in your pellet bags, lay them out, and pull water from the buckets to the bags. This way the fluffed pellets can be poured from the bag directly.

For more comprehensive steps on how to use wood pellets as bedding for a horse, check out the video we have linked above to learn how to apply the process for your barns and stables.


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