Understanding Red Flags with Used Boat Sales

Deciding to purchase a boat is something that should not be taken lightly. With used boat sales, there are certain indicators to be mindful of that can show that the vehicle is not in the proper condition to sail. Understanding the red flags of used boat sales can allow buyers to know which vehicles they need to avoid.

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The first red flag of used boat sales is the boat having extremely low hours. Low hours mean less time the boat was actually in the water. This is extremely important with older model boats because it will mean the vehicle has been sitting, in some cases for years, doing nothing. This can be an indicator of performance issues or concerns.

Another red flag to watch out for is boats that have sunk in the past. Sinking often leads to severe internal and external damage to the vehicle that may not be apart until the boat is on the water.

Finally, avoid boats with structural damage. You may need to walk on the boat and put your full weight in areas to be fully aware of the amount of damage that has occurred.

For additional information on used boat sales, please review the attached video.


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