Recycling Running Your House on the Motor Oil

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Car oil change locations are among the most important things to do for basic automobile maintenance. Motor oil can help your car easily start, among other things. It also keeps in the engine parts lubed so that everything runs clean and smooth. While it takes 42 gallons of crude oil to produce just a few quarts of high quality oil for a car engine, it just takes one gallon of recycled oil to produce the same amount. This is to say that when you are looking for car oil change locations, you should look for the locations that recycle.

As always, taking care of your car often requires the best of everything. The best motor oil for your car; the best oil change for my car; the best oil change places. People are always looking for these things when they are looking for car oil change locations. But people should also strive to be environmentally friendly. The environmental protection agency says that 2 gallons of recycled oil can run a house for about a day but much more oil is recycled in Europe, at about 50 percent, than is the case in America, at about 12 percent.

Motor oil standards should also take into account what the oil can contaminate. This is what car oil change locations should acknowledge, because it is necessary to keep in mind the fact that one gallon of oil can contaminate around one million gallons of pure water. It is for this reason that people should hold the places that change their oil to the highest standards. Where to get an oil change is something only consumers can answer. That is a difficult question in and of itself. To learn more, read this:


  1. Do those figures take into account the energy that goes into turning the oil back into refined oil? Or the trip that has to be made to take the oil back to the refinery?

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