Front Point Security Systems Protect Millions of Americans

Do it yourself alarm systems for the home

American homeowners worry about events which might damage their home or otherwise shatter the (sometimes false) sense of security that their homes provide to them and their families. Some of these catastrophes are natural catastrophes such as floods, fires, earthquakes, and ice storms which threaten to destroy a house or tear it from its foundations; although these events are relatively rare, they often cost thousands to dollars to repair (a figure which explains why millions of Americans decide to purchase or renew their homeowners’ insurance every year).

Other events are less catastrophic but no less frightening. For example, many Americans fear that burglar will break into their home and cart off thousands of dollars worth of valuable jewelry and electronics. According to several studies conducted by police departments and independent research organizations, burglaries occur about once every fourteen point six seconds; the vast majority of these burglaries take place in Cleveland, Ohio, which has the most burglaries of any American city (two thousand three hundred burglaries for every ten thousand people every year). Although many politicians blame minorities for these crimes, the statistics suggest that only thirty percent of burglars are Hispanic whereas more than half are white.

Furthermore, these studies estimate that more than eighty seven percent of these burglaries are preventable. For example, because more than thirty seven percent of burglars enter the homes that they want to rob through the front door, these studies encourage homeowners to remember to look their front doors before they leave or fall asleep; they also encourage homeowners to leave the porch lights on at night to deter burglars from entering their homes through the front doors. These studies also encourage American homeowners to purchase front point security systems, do it yourself home security systems, wireless home alarms, wireless security systems, and other house alarm systems. Whether the homeowner installs them himself or pays a front point security company to install them for him or her, these experts argue that front point security systems deter thousands (if not millions) of burglaries each and every year.

Unfortunately, however, the studies forget to mention that front point security systems are incredibly expensive. Even Americans who choose to install their own front point security systems have to pay a front point security company to monitor their homes for potential threats. For many Americans, these expensive annual fees outweigh the benefits which accompany their front point security systems; consequently, many of these Americans forgo purchasing front point security systems and settle for placing the sticker on their front door. In other words, they pretend to own front point security systems in order to deter potential burglars who have learned to associate these front point security systems stickers with stiff jail sentences. Get more info here:


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