The Benefits of Renting a Photo Booth for Your Wedding

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Did you know that the very first modern photo booth, in its initial six months of installation, was used by almost 300,000 people? Today, photo booths are still a fun experience and can often be found at malls and other locations. Photo booth rental san diego can also make for a great wedding or party activity.

What are the benefits to photo booth rental San Diego for weddings? For one, they capture a side of your guests that might not be readily apparent via the wedding photographer. People often feel more free to get a little goofy and silly in photo booths. Many photo booth rentals Orange County will provide a box of props such as glasses and hats as well to get people in the spirit.

Did you know that only two out of every ten images taken with a digital camera are ever printed out on paper? San diego photo booth rentals are also digitalized now, so that not only will your guests get a neat party souvenir in the form of their photos to take home, but you will also get a record of all the images in digital form.

When you hire photo booth rental San Diego, you are usually supplied with an employee who can stay on hand and help your guests with their photos. This way, even if the printer runs out of paper or something jams, things can be up and running again so that you and your guests can enjoy the party and take pictures. Continue reading here.


  1. Thanks for this info! My wedding is coming up in the fall so I have a lot of things to plan, and the party afterward is one of them!

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