What to Do When You Struggle with IRS Back Taxes

Owing back tax

Do you owe back taxes to irs, and are you worried about how well you can pay them back? You are not alone in this struggle. Tax issues are quite common, and many people owe IRS money. It is not surprising that tax law is so confusing. There are many rules, and pages and pages of regulatory explanation that are difficult for the average person to understand. What are some things you should keep in mind?

First, many people are afraid of state tax liens. The IRS can, in fact, take possession of real property and assets in the event of owed IRS money that are not being paid. What you should keep in mind here is that the fifth amendment guarantees you due process of law, a policy that extends to levies and liens.

The government is required to send you a 30 day warning if they plan to possess your property. In those 30 days, you can work with your attorney and the court system in order to present a payment plan for your back taxes. The court will usually prefer that you pay back the money so that they do not have to deal with your property, and sometimes you can even reach a compromise to pay back less than what you owe IRS money.

Second, it is recommended that you get help for this issue either from attorneys or qualified tax professionals when you owe irs taxes. This may seem like a daunting task when you already owe IRS money and will then have to pay attorneys. However, when you owe IRS back taxes it is easy to get confused and place yourself in an even bigger jam than you were already in. Attorneys can often help you appeal to the courts in order to get more reasonable payback plans. Get more info here: oweirsmoney.net


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