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It may come as a surprise to you that a 10 minute video has more than 200 edits. Editing video is extremely important, especially if you are trying to convey a specific message to a certain target audience. You may have noticed TV infomercials products while flipping through the channels late at night. Infomercials are still relevant in the marketing industry, even though there are more cost effective ways to promote a product or service. The good news is infomercials products bring in more customers to businesses trying to gain more awareness for their products. If you are currently looking for infomercial production companies, you may want to check out the many reasons why DRTV production is beneficial for a business.

New studies performed by the Columbia University School of Journalism discovered news features are more credible than advertisements. In fact, news features are 4 times more credible than traditional advertisements. The University of Pennsylvania discovered information about print versus video in terms of advertising and promoting as well. Their discovery produced details on how professional video production creates an increase of information retention by 50 percent. Furthermore, research concluded video production speeds up the decision making process of consumers by at least 72 percent over the traditional print brochure techniques.

As you can see, there are a few reasons why infomercials products are still a necessary strategy that business owners use to create more awareness for their brand. If you are going to use DRTV and infomercials products, you need to take a specific approach towards blending your options before you get involved with media buying. Therefore, outsourcing your infomercials products is a crucial step to take if you want to take full advantage of the exposure you can obtain from running infomercials on cable networks. One of the reasons why infomercials are attractive to Americans is the habits of consumers in America.

Studies shows 75 percent of Americans are multitasking while watching TV. More than 42 percent are on the internet, and almost 30 percent are using their smart phone or tablet PC. Furthermore, 26 percent are texting while watching TV as well. Therefore, using infomercials products on cable TV is a unique approach for targeting people who are multitasking and using the internet. In America, around 71 percent view TV is the most favorite media activity in a home. As you can see, running infomercials products on TV will help spread the word about a business’s brand significantly.
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  1. I know running infomercials is expensive when compared to using search engine optimization. I think small business owners will find it difficult to afford infomercials unless they have the necessary investors helping them.

  2. This reminds me of that show “Shark Tank.” Business owners are always trying to gain financial support to run infomercials on that show.

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