What to Know About Custom Labels

Suede patches

There is a commonly held belief that what we wear says something about who we are. To a certain extent, that holds some truth. However, it only does so in a rather generic sense. When you want to go above and beyond vague clothing archetypes to make a specific statement about something you have done or who you associate with, you may want to consider custom clothing labels.

Custom embroidered patches offer an endless list of options for words and images, so anything you can think up can be made. Embroidery involves decorating fabric with a needle and either thread or yarn. This does not mean each patch has to be painstakingly sewn. That would make large orders virtually impossible. Since the Industrial Revolution, machine embroidery has been a standard practice.

A wide variety of organizations embrace custom printed clothing labels. Anyone from a local sports team to members of the military can find a use for this specialty clothing item. Big or small, your brand will get excellent exposure from appearing on clothing worn by the masses. Applying them is simple as well. Most woven patches and labels can be sewn or ironed on, so you can choose what works best for you.

When ordering your custom clothing labels, though, make sure you are getting them from the right supplier. Many companies offer support only through online forms, which can be both impersonal and time consuming. The best companies will offer fast direct support over the phone so you do not waste your time. Often, the companies that offer phone support will also have the fastest turnaround times, so you end up with what you need as soon as possible.

Expressing your brand is just as important as expressing yourself. Wearing a fancy suit will only say so much about you as a person, but wearing a shirt with a custom label says something specific about who you associate with. It also promotes businesses and unifies teams.


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