Unique Gift Ideas For Him

The holidays are almost here, and it’s time to get a head start on your Christmas shopping list. Some people on your list may be harder to shop for, especially the guy in your life who already seems to have everything. Shopping for that special man in your life doesn’t have to be stressful. There are plenty of fantastic choices available that are sure to make him smile. If you’re struggling to come up with something you’ll know he’ll absolutely love and use, here are several great ideas for unique Christmas gifts for guys for you to consider.

Fuel His Car Interest

Does your guy love to collect and fix up luxury cars? Why not help him get some parts and accessories he needs to help him restore his classic ride? He’s probably already mentioned needing certain Mercedes Benz parts or other luxury car parts while tinkering in the garage on the weekend. If you want to know for sure, ask him about the car he’s working on to restore and pay attention to what he says. There’s an excellent chance he’ll reveal clues as to what he wants when you let him share what he’s working on in his latest project.

If he isn’t forthcoming with clues, you can always look for Mercedes OEM parts and accessories online. Over 60% of people buy their holiday gifts online, including car parts and accessories. You can find many unique Christmas gifts for guys in the Christmas section of the online Mercedes Benz Classic Store. You can also fund an online account and let him go on a mini shopping spree to get the car items he wants. If buying car parts is out of your Christmas gift budget, you can find car-related accessories such as t-shirts, driving gloves, and car care products that will definitely fuel his car interest.

Encourage a New Hobby

When searching for unique Christmas gifts for guys, find something that encourages starting a new hobby. If your guy loves to travel frequently, you may want to check out a few RV dealers and plan a road trip that you can enjoy together. For the music lover, get him a guitar or drums and some lessons. Bring back memories of his childhood with airplane and car model kits. Upgrade his workout space with modern state-of-the-art equipment.

If your guy loves to be outdoors, take advantage of the winter season and look for snowmobiles for sale in Michigan. You may also want to get him a set of skis and hit the slopes. Buy him some new fishing or hunting gear for his next camping trip. Book a few martial arts classes at a local studio for him to try out. If your guy loves to drink a few beers while watching sports, he can learn how to make his own with a pre-made home brewing starter kit.

Sign Him Up for a Membership

A subscription or membership is another one of the best unique Christmas gifts for guys who already seem to have everything. For the guy who loves to spend time on the water during the summer, a membership at one of the local boat clubs can be a fantastic gift. A monthly subscription box filled with his favorite personal care products or snacks can be a hit. If your guy loves to read, enroll him in a book-of-the-month club or an Audible monthly subscription. If your guy is a creative type, you can get him an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription so he can make amazing computer graphics, videos, music, and websites.

Instead of buying a new set of golf clubs, you can look for an affordable golf membership available at nearby courses. Sign him up to a craft beer club where he can get sent new bears to try every month and learn more about them. Get him a membership at Sam’s Club or Costco so he can save money while stocking up on his favorite supplies. Pay for NFL Game Pass so he can see all his favorite sports. You can also get him a personal trainer to help him reach his fitness goals.

Create a Customized Gift

Some of the best unique Christmas gifts for guys are ones that are personalized just for him. You can get your guy a customized screen print t-shirt with his name or a funny quote he says a lot. A wallet engraved with his initials or a message of love can be something he will truly cherish. Is your guy constantly attached to his phone? You can get him an engraved charger you can personalize on both sides.

For the guy who loves sports, you can get him a custom modern door for his man cave. Add his initials or last name and a picture of the logo of his favorite team. Add his name to the back of a sports jersey with the number of his favorite player. You can personalize a pair of AirPods Pro wireless headphones with an emoji or message free with purchase. Have a pair of Nikes designed especially for him.

Enroll Him in an Online Class

One of the newest trends in unique Christmas gifts for guys is online classes. You can enroll your guy in an online cannabis certification course where he can learn how to sell marijuana, legally of course. Help him brush up on his music skills with some online lessons. Your guy can brush up on his video game skills by learning how to become a pro gamer. There’s a class where your guy can study the dilemmas of Spiderman’s struggle with his great power and responsibility.

Help your guy improve his online skills by learning how to code and build websites. For the Star Trek fan, there’s an online class that explores the show’s influence on society. There are classes available online to learn how to hypnotize people or how to communicate with animals telepathically. Coursera offers a course on how to manage your digital footprint. No matter what your guy’s interests and hobbies are, there are thousands of courses available to help him gain new skills and learn new things.

Help Him Repair His Favorite Things

If your guy loves to fix things around the house, help him repair his favorite things with a few unique Christmas gifts for guys. Get your guy a new nail gun to make Ramset tool repairs around the house. A flexible and expandable miniature helps your handyman see easier in tight cramped spaces. If your guy likes to be outdoors at night while fixing things, keep him warm with a beanie cap with a built-in headlamp. Replace his worn-out toolbox with a durable new one.

Does your guy always seem to lose screws and drill bits while making repairs? There’s a magnetic wristband that you can get that will hold on to these pieces. A retracting extension cord reel can help give your guy the power wherever he needs without having to struggle with bunched up cords. For the car buff, a great pair of work gloves is a fantastic gift. Help relieve his back during the winter with a set of ergonomic shovels.

Tap Into His Love for Tech

Most guys love to receive cool tech gadgets they can tinker with. There are plenty of unique Christmas gifts for guys that are sure to make Christmas morning extra special. Your guy can immerse into virtual reality with an Oculus Go headset to enjoy his favorite music, movies, and games. Give him access to Alexa no matter where he is in the house with an Echo Loop smart ring to wear on his finger. A temperature-controlled mug will keep his favorite beverages just the way he likes them for as long as he wants.

If your guy is constantly losing his keys, get him a Tile Mate. This Bluetooth tracker clips onto his key ring and sends a signal from up to 200 feet away to his cellphone. Does your guy have trouble getting out of bed in the morning? You can get him an alarm clock mat for the floor that can only be turned off by his feet. If your guy has been working from home lately, you can get him a video conference video camera to help him stay connected.

Keep Him Cozy

When considering unique Christmas gifts for guys, don’t forget to look for something that will keep him cozy all winter long. A gravity weighted blanket can keep him warm while reducing stress and helping him sleep better at the same time. Make going to the bathroom a little more comfortable at night with a heated nightlight toilet seat. A Thergun massager can help him relieve sore muscles after a grueling workout. Help him stay safe and comfortable by wearing a reflective jacket during his morning runs.

Help him keep his feet warm during the winter with thermal socks. Your guy can relax after a hard day’s work by slipping on a fleece spa robe after he takes his shower. If your guy loves baseball, you can get him a beanie made from the yarn inside baseballs used during Major League baseball games. A pair of jogger pants is perfect for the guy who loves to sleep in on Saturday mornings and relax around the house. Your guy probably hasn’t updated his underwear in a while, so you can’t go wrong with a comfortable set of boxers.

Feed His Fandom

If your guy is obsessed with a certain movie or TV series, you can find some unique Christmas gifts for guys to feed his fandom love. You can get him an R2-D2 car charger that can charge two devices and whistles and beeps just like the character when connected. Keep him dry in the rain with an umbrella that’s shaped like a Samurai sword. There’s a Bluetooth ComBadge your guy can wear on his shirt and pretend he’s on the Enterprise while calling people through his iPhone. Feed his dark side in the mornings with a Darth Vader waffle maker.

If your guy loves card games, you can get him a Stranger Things Eggo card game that’s played similar to Uno. Your guy who loves Game of Thrones can pour himself a glass of White Walker whiskey after a long hard day. He also might enjoy a sip of Baby Yoda’s green tea while watching The Mandalorian. Bring back his childhood with a few of his favorite collectible action figures from when he was a kid. You can also find some Marvel comic books that may definitely peak his interest.

Keep Him Laughing

If your guy has a great sense of humor, you can look for some unique Christmas gifts for guys that will keep him laughing. Your guy can stay warm and be silly by wrapping up in a burrito or pizza blanket. Put his face on a customized bobblehead. If your guy loves to golf, get him a set of emoji golf balls. Help him blast away those unsightly nose hairs with a ray gun nose trimmer.

Your guy will have fun at campfires with a fishing pole campfire roaster. You can get him a mug with a miniature basketball hoop for him to have fun playing with his favorite breakfast cereal. Your guy can have a blast eating in his car with a universal french fry holder. If your guy spends too much time in the bathroom every day, get him the toilet game. He can go fishing or play golf or basketball while he does his business.

Shopping for the man in your life doesn’t have to be hard. When looking for unique Christmas gifts for guys, look for presents that match his interests and that he’ll most likely use. Pay attention to the things he loves to talk about the most. Use these ideas as an inspirational springboard to get him the perfect gift he’ll love for years to come. Get started finding that perfect gift to make his eyes sparkle today!

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