How To Approach and Greet A Dog

As pet owners, we want to take the best possible care of our canine companion and at times this means knowing how to properly interact with other dogs that might be around us and our pup. As highlighted in this YouTube video, safety around dogs starts with the very first interaction and encounter. Knowing how to safely approach a new dog is critical to ensuring the encounter is safe for everyone involved. This video highlights the important things you need to know about what to do and what not to when interacting with a dog for the first time.

Everything from your tone of voice to how you move can convey messages to the dog – messages you may not even be aware of.

Video Source

This is why it is important to work with dog experts to ensure you are doing everything you can to make it a positive experience. Local animal clinics are a good source for veterinary options, but they can also help with things like training and proper interaction protocols.

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