How to Prepare Your Business for Post-COVID Life

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed a lot about the world and how the average person approaches businesses. But now, after the vaccine roll-out, things should be slowly getting back to normal — both for individuals and for businesses. That means making spaces suitable for large gatherings and more standard working hours again. Basic business cleaning can be done fairly easily, but there are some cases where it might make more sense to hire a professional company to handle the cleaning for you.

If you need to deep clean office building spaces before they’re really ready for use again, it’s best to hire a professional company to handle the task, especially if you’re running a medium or large-scale business with a lot of space available. This is probably your best option if you need to deep clean office building cubicles and areas that see a lot of traffic, especially from the public, on a day-to-day basis.

There are also other factors to consider, like the building’s HVAC system, your unique parking situation, and what your business’ mask policy will be going forward. These are big things to consider, so let’s take it one bite at a time.

Here are a few ways you can help prepare your business for post-COVID life.

Check The Roof

The building’s roof should be in good condition before any real business is done there, both for aesthetics and for basic safety. Having a well-maintained roof will go a long way toward helping you avoid a variety of issues in the future, including water damage to walls and flooring. Commercial roofing services are very affordable these days and can help you assess whether your building’s roof needs attention such as repair or replacement.

The roof of commercial spaces are vulnerable to the same kinds of issues as a residential roof. When you inspect your building’s roof, you should be on the lookout for the same things you would be if it were your own home — namely, any missing or damaged shingles or tiles, any damage to or around vents, any indications of pests, and any sign of water damage.

Checking the roof now and verifying that it’s in good condition now can potentially save you from having to deep clean office building spaces later on as a result of water damage and mold or mildew growth.

How’s The Parking?

Parking plans may have to be drawn up if you’re using a space you’re not used to. Assigned parking spaces for employees are a great addition to any parking plan and will not only make things a bit easier on your employees but can also help them feel more valued. Designating parking spaces can also help keep things orderly in the parking lot.

An orderly parking lot is also more inviting to potential customers, making it more likely that they will stop in and see what you have to offer. What this looks like for you will vary a bit depending on where your business is located and what the overall parking situation is like. Do you have a lot all to yourself, do you share it with other businesses, or is the parking all on-street?

Paying attention to parking and doing what you can to avoid potential snarls and overcrowding is a large part of getting your business ready for a potential post-COVID rush. Between planning out parking and deep cleaning office building spaces, you’ll have a fair amount to handle with getting your business in shape.

Clean Your Kitchen

If your business is a restaurant, we trust that you’ve been keeping your kitchen clean and wiped down throughout the pandemic, but now might be a good time to give it another good once-over in preparation for a post-COVID rush. Commercial kitchen cleaning might seem like an expense you could do without but in times like these, it pays to be cautious.

Commercial cleaning often gets into places that may be missed or glossed over in the course of regular maintenance cleaning. It also brings in a fresh pair of eyes that can assess the space differently than someone who works in it every day. For those reasons at least, you should really consider hiring a commercial cleaning service before you reopen at full capacity.

The kitchen space in a break room could also benefit from a heavy cleaning since it’s such a gathering spot and has so many surfaces that are routinely touched by several people over the course of an average day. Taking good care of your employees has been a priority all throughout this pandemic — keep it going by deep cleaning office building spaces that are frequently used.

Set a New Standard For Your Business

This is a great time to reassess the way your business handles its cleaning and maintenance. There are many benefits of all natural soap, and this transition to a post-COVID world might be a great time for you and your business to start investigating the merits of using more natural, eco-friendly products at your locations.

All-natural soaps and cleaners are not only effective against many of the germs that their more chemical cousins are, but they’re also easier on the environment in the event that they get washed into the soil or groundwater. Consider making the switch to these more eco-friendly versions of common cleaners and committing to a greener future.

A commitment to using all-natural soaps and cleaners can also help you boost your business. Many customers are becoming more and more interested in their own impact on the environment and are beginning to seek out companies who have publicly committed to greener practices. Becoming (or continuing to be) a company that has committed to a greener future can give you an edge in the marketplace, as well as reduce your business’ impact on the environment.

Create a Mask Policy

Face masks are still required in many public spaces, but with many of these restrictions being lifted for fully vaccinated people, now is a good time to clearly define your business’ mask policy going forward. Post this obviously around your building as well as on your business’ website and social media pages so that any potential customers know what the rules are before they enter your building.

CDC guidance has recently changed. It’s important to know early on whether your business is going to follow this guide or have its own rules. Whatever you decide, there will always be people who disagree with certain mask policies. Be sure not to play favorites or change the rules for anyone. If you create an official mask policy, it’s important to stick to it.

Decide early on how you’re going to handle times when someone disagrees with your business’ mask policy. Will they immediately be asked to leave, or will you give them warnings first? Making decisions like this well before they’re needed helps everyone on staff act consistently and in line with official policies.

Make Sure Your Building is Ready for The Public

Preparing your business for life post-COVID includes a lot of factors. Not only should you make sure your business’ mask policies are updated and clearly posted where the public can see them, you should also make sure that your building and office space have been deep cleaned from top to bottom. Sewer camera inspection services may also be useful to your overall building inspection.

Even if you’ve been able to operate at a reduced capacity before now, going back to full capacity is still going to take some getting used to. Try to tackle everything that needs to be addressed early on so that you have some time to readjust to running on all cylinders. Deep cleaning office building space should be one of your top priorities, for safety as well as general peace of mind.

If you haven’t been able to operate even at a reduced capacity since the pandemic started, this is a great time to refresh your building, shake off the dust, and get yourselves ready to roll again. Deep cleaning office building space which has been unused for months can completely transform the feeling of the space. Deep cleaning not only removes physical dirt and dust but gives the space a feeling of freshness as well.

Deep Clean Your Office Building

If you’re looking to deep clean office building space, hiring a professional cleaning company is probably your best way forward. Building cleaning services are often very affordable, but you may have to wait a while in order to get an appointment with any of your local companies due to post-COVID flooding.

If you can’t get a local company to come out for several weeks or months due to an influx of calls, do what you can from where you are and clean the space to the best of your ability before reopening. Every little bit really does help here. The goal is ultimately to be as clean and as safe as possible while still allowing the business to operate as intended.

Inspect Your HVAC System

Your building’s HVAC system is especially important following a pandemic. Make sure all of the filters have been changed and/or cleaned as needed, and that the unit is in good working order before you reopen at full capacity. Leaving cluttered or dirty filters in place is not only a health hazard, especially for those with breathing problems, but it’s also hard on the AC units that run to the building. Forcing them to work through clogged filters puts an extra strain on the units which can cause them to break down faster than they otherwise would have.

Invest in Pest Control

Much like before COVID-19, keeping your business clean and free from pests is essential. Many pest control companies are likely to be overwhelmed for the first few months following the vaccine roll-out, so it’s best to either get in early or be sure that you won’t require their services for a few months. There are a variety of natural barriers you can put down to help keep insects and rodents out of your business, so do some research into your options in the event that your first choice is booked for the foreseeable future.

Update Your Website

Web design companies saw a spike in business with the pandemic, but many still have openings for larger projects. Take advantage of this transitional period to update your branding as needed. Update your site with a fresh, post-pandemic look, an updated mask policy, your updated hours, and anything else you feel the public needs to know about your business. Put your best foot forward here and see this as an opportunity to make a new first impression.

In the end, getting your business ready for life post-COVID is all about attending to the basics first. Deep cleaning office building space is a great first step, not only for safety but to give everyone involved the feeling of a fresh start. From there, you can start to tackle the logistics of reopening, or of reopening at full capacity. Take into account things like parking — what’s the situation like? Do you have designated spaces for your employees? Is it even possible to have designated spaces for employees? Does the parking lot feel safe and secure? IS on-street parking generally available? — and general accessibility, as well as how your business will be perceived post-COVID.

Make sure that your business’ mask policy is updated and posted clearly around your business, as well as on your official website and social media channels. Understand that there will be disagreements and plan for how to handle them well in advance. This way, all employees will be working from the same information.

There are many factors to consider when preparing your business for post-COVID life, and not all of them are even known just yet, but you can get a good head start by addressing all of the basics outlined above and doing your best to handle any unique issues that may come up organically as a result of your earlier planning and prepping.

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