Tips to Design Military Shadowbox

In this video, he is putting together a shadowbox for a Navy petty officer retiring from service after 20 years. Although this video is for a Navy officer, one can easily make Army shadowboxes in this manner.

He has already built the box he is about to use. A shadowbox is merely a deep picture frame – to a woodworker – yet, it means much more to the recipient.

Video Source

He describes the various shapes a shadowbox may be. The one in this video is rectangular with a special area designed for a folded American flag. Dimensions of the box need to be large enough, so all items will fit inside it.

A folded flag is bulky, therefore, take it to your local dry cleaner to have pressed and steamed first. He then places the folded flag in the left corner section, pre-designed especially for it.

Next, it’s time to put it on the back panel. He then lies out all the pieces that will go into the box, glues them down. To finish it off, he puts plexiglass over it.

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