Delivering Firewood To Customers

While it may be summer now, it’s never too early to be thinking of your firewood supply. Thousands of people across the country rely on firewood to keep their cabins and homes warm during those cold winter months. However, have you ever wondered what it is like t work for a firewood service? In this video, Firewood Supplier and Stoves takes the viewer on a trip to see how firewood gets delivered so that it can be used by a customer.

He starts very simply, by loading up his truck with the wood.

Video Source

You can see that the wood is already bundled into large groups, ready to be taken away on the truck. The wood is actually nestled within very large plaits so that it can be easily transported. These plats are then wrapped with plastic to ensure no spillage can happen on the road. This would be very dangerous, especially if the truck is on the highway. Also, you can see that two plaits are able to fit on the truck at a time.

The driver then goes to the home it is delivering to and uses a crane that is attached to the truck to unload the wood. Once there, they take it inside the garage of the homeowner.

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