How to Use Vinyl Polymers on Clay Earrings

Creating custom earrings is a great way to express your individuality through the accessories you wear. One of the most popular materials used to create earrings is polymer clay. This moldable material is great for making 3D shapes that are small and light enough to wear as earrings. But clay is somewhat limited. It can be difficult to get the exact design you want using clay alone.

Video Source

Some home crafters have started to use vinyl polymers or permanent vinyl sheets and automatic cutting machines to get the exact look they want for their polymer clay earrings. The video on this page shows one example of how to combine the two materials into adorable earrings.

First, make your earrings out of the polymer clay of your choice. The color you use may be important, especially if any parts of it are going to be exposed behind your vinyl design. Once you have created the base of your earrings out of clay, finish them according to the instructions on the clay package.

Use your vinyl cutter’s software to create and cut your design out of permanent HTV. Then, carefully apply the vinyl to the earrings for a completely custom look.

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