How Environmental Remediation Services Treat Contaminated Soil

In this YouTube video, Atma Environmental discusses environmental remediation services. Site remediation involves clearing ground pollution so a piece of land or homesite can be repurposed and used safely.

The process begins with a thorough analysis of what needs to be done and how much soil will be removed.

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Initially, this area will be staked out and marked off with lasers.

The site will need to have rubbish and waste removed from the land before removing the soil. The ground will need to be checked for dangerous chemicals such as arsenic or asbestos. A plan will need to be executed to draw these substances during cleanup.

Not all soil will be removed from a contaminated area, only the amounts from each marked-off section that are contaminated. The site will have digs of varying depths to meet this requirement. Not removing all the dirt in all areas saves money on the project if it is not necessary.

Once the contaminated earth is removed and safely stored, validation samples are taken to test the effectiveness of what was done. Preparations should be made so that silt from the soil removal should not get into the surrounding neighboring water sources.

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