Why You Should Get a Jewelry Appraisal

If you have recently inherited jewelry or otherwise come into possession of jewelry that you don’t know the value of, you should look into getting a jewelry appraisal done. An appraisal can give you a strong estimate of the value of the jewelry and help you decide whether to sell the jewelry or how to store the jewelry if you keep it. An appraisal can also allow you to get insurance on an expensive piece of jewelry.

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There are a few steps appraisers always go through when performing their work. First, they clean the jewelry to make sure they can get a perfect view of the tiny details that determine its value. Next, they perform a thorough inspection of the piece for any damage. This includes scratches, missing stones, and other imperfections. This inspection also includes an investigation of the piece’s authenticity. The appraiser will figure out if the stones are natural or manufactured.

Next, the appraiser will measure the jewelry. Metal is typically weighed. Diamonds are graded based on color, carat, cut, and clarity. Other stones are measured similarly, but with systems specific to the stone.

Once an appraisal is done, you will know how to protect or sell your jewelry.


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