Rebuilding a Salvage 2014 Dodge Viper

If you want to drive a luxurious car but don’t have the means to afford to buy one new, you do have options. One of your best options is to purchase a wrecked vehicle like a salvage dodge viper for sale in your local area. You’ll be paying for the privilege of driving a nice vehicle in time and hard work instead of money, but you’ll also end up with a car that you know inside and out.

Video Source

In this video, two friends work on repairing the wrecked 2014 dodge viper they got for a great price. They first start by assessing the structure of the vehicle, then they move on to addressing engine issues. When the car won’t start, they troubleshoot the problem, starting with the easiest possible fix for it.

First, they get the fuel pump to work by replacing a missing fuse, then they get the engine to start. This is always a great sign in any vehicle salvage project. Although it doesn’t run perfectly since it does have at least one vacuum leak, they have a great starting point for the rest of the project.

The video shows the labor of love it is to repair a salvaged vehicle, but the end results are always worth pursuing.

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