Funeral Home Jobs That Dont Require Extensive Training

The funeral home industry makes about $16 billion a year. Unless a cure for death is discovered, this is one industry that will survive any recession. It also has many different kinds of jobs that do not require specific degrees or certifications. South Carolina funeral director Joel Simone Anthony describes these jobs.

The first job needed in funeral homes is that of funeral assistant. A funeral assistant helps the funeral director do whatever needs to be done to get a funeral accomplished.

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Funeral assistants may go to gravesites to make sure that all details are correct. They may have to clean up a church. The tasks are many and varied.

Another job funeral homes need is that of receptionist or administrative assistant. Depending on the individual funeral home, job candidates may need some clerical training. Tasks include answering calls, greeting clients, giving out details of services, and handling the paperwork for the funeral home.

Other jobs include removal technicians and pre-needs specialists. Removal technicians go to where a person has died, pick up the corpse, and deliver it to the funeral home. Pre-needs specialists, also called pre-need counselors, work with people who want to plan and pay for their funerals before they die. Some state or local laws may require that pre-needs specialists have an insurance license.

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