Why You Need an Isolation Transformer

Isolation transformers help move power along safely in innovative ways. They are often used in the healthcare industry, partly because they transfer electricity quietly, but mostly because they transfer large amounts of energy safely. Grants Pass TV Repair looks at how a medical grade isolation transformer can help save lives.

A medical grade isolation transformer uses two ways to prevent shock, and yet keep power moving.

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These small and portable devices use a safety ground method or a double reinforced method. Safety ground isolation transformers have a safety shield to help prevent shock from hot outlets, but safety shields can break. If they do, the electricity goes directly into the ground instead of surging into an outlet or device. The second method uses two layers of insulation instead of one safety shield. If one layer of insulation is damaged, the other still works to prevent shock.

Many devices in a hospital use vast quantities of electricity, putting workers and patients at risk from shocks and burns. Devices like diagnostic equipment can also cause short-circuits, effectively rendering the device useless. Short-circuits can cause life-saving equipment to shut off. Using an isolation transformer greatly reduces the risks of short circuits, since they can handle large amounts of electricity.

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