An Introduction to Gun Range Safety and Etiquette

Whether shooting at an indoor or outdoor gun range, personal protective equipment is important to keep your eyes and ears safe at all times. Many ranges have instructions posted heavily and visible to remind you of their guidelines and etiquette.

Eye and ear protection should be applied before ever stepping into the firing range.

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For firearms in duffel bags, be sure to check which way the barrel is pointed even before removing it from the bag. This ensures that the gun is always pointed downrange, i.e. toward the targets, as you set it down on the bench.

Continuing with the proper removal of the firearms, check that the magazine and chamber are not loaded. Anytime these guns are not in use they should be unloaded and pointing downrange.

For your safety, remain behind the firing line at all times. This line is the vertical plane that exists from the far edge of your bench. The targets are automated and will move forward and backward for you. If for any reason attention is required downrange, a “cease fire” will be called, and guns are then required to be unloaded and left unattended on the bench.

Safety and etiquette in the gun range ensure practice is possible for all participants in an environment where potential harm is minimized. All firearm users, regardless of experience, are expected to abide by safety conduct.

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