Diversity in the Workplace is Crucial and Heres Why

The past decade has shone a big spotlight on the issues of race, bias, priviledge, and many more. These issues have always been around, but 2022 sees more and more companies tackling their conscious and unconscious bias issues in the workplace head-on. Every person has the right to be able to get a job they qualify for, disregarding their marital status, race, sexual orientation, age, or gender. In a push towards a safe and uplifting work environment for all people, many businesses have implemented workplace diversity courses into their regular team meetings. This video gives a brief overview of the truly value that diversity can bring to a team.

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Not only do businesses perform better culturally when they have diversity, they also perform better financially. Working with people of different backgrounds and nationalities makes for a variety of ideas, and thus higher quality products and services. People will also grow to love their job if they feel their input is valued. Diversity opens the door for new ideas, collaborative thinking, and overall expanding your business from the inside out. Again, diversity is crucial to a business aiming to thrive in teamwork and innovation.


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