Centrifugal Pump Basics

Fresh water is important. Moving this fresh water up and through your house to provide you with clean tap water is also crucial. In this video, you will learn the basics of a centrifugal pump. There are also water pump services that you may want to consider.

The impeller has curved vanes inside shroud plates. The impeller rotates and pushes water out using centrifugal force.

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This is where the name for the centrifugal pump comes from. The low pressure creates by this system helps suck additional water into the impeller. This is also why priming the system is important.

The water discharged from the impeller will go through the specialty casing towards the discharge nozzle. If the pressure is incorrectly balanced in this system, a phenomenon known as cavitation can occur. This is when the water starts to boil and damage parts of the pump. Selecting the right pump can mitigate this issue.

There are several types of impellers. They are enclosed impellers, semi-open impellers, and open impellers. The type used depends on the type of fluid that is being pumped. If the fluid is more likely to clog, an open impeller is better but less efficient. Finally, a shaft is used to connect the impeller to the motor that spins the impeller.


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