What is Masonry

What is masonry? Well, masonry is the practice of using mortar to bind together stones, concrete, and bricks for building purposes. Someone who does this is known as a mason. This is not to be confused with the secret society of masons.

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Mostly, masonry is used for buildings, but masonry can also include wells, sidewalks, etc. In this video, you will learn the basics of masonry.

Masonry is an ancient art. For centuries, people have been building out of bricks. It may even be as old as farming. Now, it is as important as ever due to increasing population. There is more and more demand for housing. Masons may also be responsible for constructing critical infrastructure as well. With so much demand, masons are adapting new technology to make the process more efficient as well. Such technology may include cement mixers and other tools. Bricks and mortar are simple, cheap, and durable. Therefore, this form of construction is the ideal method in many construction projects. You will see many government building have also been made of bricks. The same could be said for many schools.


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