40 Things In the Minecraft Update

This video is to inform viewers about the Minecraft update and 40 things to look for in the “wild” update. Gaming is a great way to relieve stress and take yourself into another world. There are many different kinds of genres that gamers might find interesting, like action, adventure, strategy, simulation, and more.

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Online gaming has become popular over time too because it allows players to play with other people they don’t know from anywhere around the world. For example, the population of Minecraft players suggests that 400 million of the 600 million active players, which is a record height, come from China. You can be a server host and have Minecraft servers in which you play in a specific world either by yourself or with other people. Your server can either be a public server or a private server.

Recently, Minecraft had a large update called the “Wild” update, with many different features that include wild animals, creatures, items, and more. If you are an avid video game player, you might already know about this update but you can also watch videos to learn more about features you didn’t know existed.


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