What You Didnt Know About the Cremation Process

The death of a loved one is something none of us may anticipate or be prepared for. It is something all of us will have to face sooner or later and, even though we are aware of it, the topic of discussion is whether we will choose a cremation or burial ceremony for them.

If your preferred choice is cremation or your loved one’s wish before they pass away, there are a few advantages associated with it.

The most important advantage is that cremation is far less costly than that a burial. This makes it a better option for families with limited financial funds to give their loved ones a decent burial.

Video Source

The process of creating a body, as Tharp Funeral Home and Crematory, outlines in their video, “The Process of Cremation and the Crematorium,” follows a rigorous and careful procedure that is overlooked by cremation professionals, who ensure that it goes seamlessly. The body first needs to be examined by a medical examiner for any metals such as jewelry or pacemakers. The body is then placed into a casket or container, depending on the request by the deceased’s family. The retort is preheated and the casket or container is placed in it using a merchandised door. The process starts and the body is exposed to flames which incinerate the body.

The process usually takes between 3 to 5 hours depending on the retort’s power and the mass of the body being cremated. The remains are then transferred into an urn and then given to the respective family.

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