A Step-by-step Look at the PET Bottle Preforming Process

The following video delves into the two-stage process of manufacturing PET bottle preform. Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) is a clear, strong, lightweight bottle suitable for food and beverages, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries.
Stage 1: Converting PET pellets into PET bottle preform through plastic injection using a molding machine.

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Step1: Mixing raw materials
The PET granules go into the hopper of an injection molding machine.
Step 2: Injection
The PET granules are softened by heat and pressure, making them flow easily and form a molten mass that fills the cavity of the preform mold through an opening. After cooling and solidification, it ejects from the preform mold.
Stage 2: Conversion of PET bottle preform to PET bottle by molding machine through stretch flow
Step 1: Reheating perform
PET bottle preform is heated.
Step 2: Preform stretch
PET preform is stretched while blowing air.
Step 3: Bottle blowing
The final step in creating the PET plastic bottle involves blowing compressed air into the bubble to create a finished bottle shape.
Step 4: Demoulding
The preform is then cooled in the mold until it reaches room temperature again before being removed and used as a bottle.

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