How Comic Books Make You Smarter

Comic books are not something new, but the way they are being used and perceived is changing. Now, it is believed that comic books can actually make you smarter. keep reading to learn how comic books make you smarter.

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Historically in comic books, the pictures were there to present what the words were conveying. But nowadays, top comic book writers make the relationship between the pictures and the words more complex by passing narrative responsibility back and forth between words and pictures. This means that in one passage, the words will convey the most important information, but in the next passage, the picture would be passed the narrative responsibility to convey the most important information.

More parents and teachers are realizing that pictures can be a very sophisticated way of communicating information, making comic books re-gain popularity.

For a child, reading a comic book allows them to take in more information than reading a textbook or listening to a lecture. If they do not understand something, they can easily re-read it as many times as they need, and they have pictures to support what they are reading.

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