How to Charge Golf Carts the Right Way

If you are someone who uses golf carts, whether it is for a round of golf or going for a drive, you’ll need to understand how charging works. Keep reading to learn how to charge golf carts the right way to keep your golf carts in the best condition possible.

As a general rule of thumb, you should always plug in your golf cart when you are not using it. Even if you only played a round of golf and your cart is more than half charged, you should still plug it in.

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The charger has a computer that senses when the battery is fully charged and will automatically turn off and stop charging.

Once the battery is fully charged and the charger automatically turns off, it will not reactivate when the battery life decreases from sitting. This means if you are not using your golf cart for a few weeks or months, you should unplug and replug the charger a few times so your battery stays charged.

If your battery dies completely because of the charger turning off and the cart continuing to sit, you’ll need a special type of charger that is similar to jump-starting a car. This can be somewhat damaging, so making sure your golf cart battery is always charged will save you this trouble.


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