How to Pick the Best Trailer Hitches for You

If you are looking to low a camper, boat, or trailer, you’ll need a trailer hitch. Not all trailer hitches are the same, so you’ll need to do some research to make sure the trailer hitches you are considering will work for what you want to tow. Keep reading to learn about the common types of trailer hitches to help pick the best one for you.

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The first type of trailer hitches is Class 1 trailer hitches. These have a maximum gross trailer rating of 2,000 pounds and are often found on compact and midsized cars.

The second type of trailer hitch is a class 2 trailer hitch. Class 2 hitches have a maximum gross trailer weight rating of 3,5000 and are often used on anything from small cars to light SUVs.

The third type is a class 3 trailer hitch. For this type of trailer hitch, the maximum gross trailer weight rating is 8,000 pounds. These are most commonly found on vehicles on the road today from full-size cars to full-size pickup trucks. As far as what they can tow, they are great for family pop-up campers or boats.

To learn about more types of trailer hitches, watch the video above!


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